In 2012 I started a blog. Inspired by the Koren Talmud, I decided to jump on the train called Daf-Yomi and have begun my own cycle of Amud-Yomi (b’chevrusa).

The purpose of this blog was to record passages and brief thoughts (very brief) on the amud so do not expect anything especially profound. These are mainly passages and ideas that interest me and would like to think would be of general interest too.

The blog is now being used as a posting ground for interesting passages, stories and thoughts I have as they arise, rather than following the amud yomi cycle. The posts will be more sporadic, but I hope the items I post are all of interest.

I would love this to act as a note book to look back at, please God improving and expanding with each cycle. At the back of my mind in this (as in everything I do) is the next generation and I would love for this to be for them.

As for the name “reflections on the way to mincha”, check out this video I made back in the day here. Embarrassing, yes! But thought it was quite arty at the time. Great tune, great lyrics.

Feel free to comment, question, like and share…


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